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Illusion is nice, but I’m not spending money just to LOOK it.. “live within your means

Lagom is a way of life, applying it to everything from fashion and food to drinking and dinner parties, and it could be argued that it’s the single most famous expression in the Swedish vernacular. The Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little,”, Lagom translates to “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” Unlike hygge, which aims to capture a feeling, lagom is an ethos of moderation.

I have been embracing the same concept ever since I was younger. My parents, especially my father would tell us to conserve everything so you would have more for the coming days. Re-purposing and recycling is the best way to promote and sustain this lifestyle. My mum is pretty much crafty and a cheapskate herself, she sketches and makes her own Christmas decors out of food wrappers and stuff, and shes not a dressmaker by profession, but I assure you she’s a seamstress by heart. I love sewing, I guess its in my genes. Nothing would please me more than remodeling my old dresses and worn out clothes, braiding cords and yarns and make my own accessories… diy mops, I make them using old shirts and towels.. and the list goes on…

I would have to say, that I am still enjoying this kind of lifestyle with my husband. It helps you appreciate life more and keeps you grounded in reality. “LAGOM”, reminds you that there is more to material things in life and keeps you away from the harm of envy and discontentment. I have seen people struggling to fit in and not able to appreciate their blessings. This is perhaps because of too much pressure they take from other people.Many tend to compete with others in terms of money, property, status etc. with out realizing the damage they cause themselves in over exhausting their minds.

The practice of LAGOM helps me and my husband do away with everything unnecessary, making our life less complicated.

Keeping a low profile and practical thinking also play a huge role. Chinky Tan, a Filipino motivational speaker who speaks on money, mindset and success, also a TV and Radio Personality, radio anchor and host of 92.3 News FM Award Winning Best Special Program on the 20th KBP Golden Dove Awardee CHINK POSITIVE, says, ” Okay lang mapagkamalang mahirap, pero mapera; kaysa mukhang mapera, pero mahirap lang pala”(I’d rather look broke and have money, than be broke and look rich) He further shares,


Don’t compare.

Stop saying…

(in filipino)

‘Bakit siya, meron? Ako, wala?’ (why do they have that and I dont?)

‘Bakit siya, ganoon? Ako, hindi?’(I wish I was more like him/her)

TIPS: By LaToya Irby

*Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses

or the Hiltons.

*Know how much you make.

*Spend less money than you bring in.

*Boost your income.

*Stop relying on credit cards.

*Save up for purchases instead of putting them on credit.

*Get an emergency fund.


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