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Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple”, B.S. Nursing from West Negros University (2010)







Happy International Womens’ Day! ALPHA FEMALE

I have decided to make a little tribute to the Matriarch of our family. Its better late than never…

I always have great respect for self-made people as compared to those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But then again, that’s me.

Personally, I believe that we are more likely to appreciate everything in life if we made good use of the resources that were available to us and worked incredibly hard. This is one principle I have learned from the women in my family, especially, “GRANNY”.

We used to live near a Church and Hospital where my Grandpa was a Medical Technologist. Just outside our home was GRANNY’s small convenient store and eatery, which catered to almost everybody from the Hospital. It was a pretty good business ran by a single hard working woman, my Grandmother. She would be up as early as 4 in the morning to go to the nearest market and buy the fresh ingredients she would need for the day. Her eatery served brewed coffee, soups and all Filipino meals, from breakfast, lunch to afternoon siesta. True, she may not have been the easiest person to deal with, very stubborn at times I should say, but no one’s perfect.

She was born the eldest just like me, among 9 children(2 boys and 7 girls). Among others, She adored music, we would spend time together after lunch napping and listening to good old classics. It was during this time of the day when Granny had shared a few of her golden words of wisdom with me … I would hear stories about her childhood and teen years during the II World War. They lived in the Old house just across the Bacolod Provincial Hospital which was later sold to the Alisbos. She told me about Japanese soldiers coming in the house, burning all the beautiful tapestries and quilts. They would actually hide themselves in Air raid shelters as bombs were being dropped by Japanese aircrafts. Inside was nothing but just a hollow space enough to shelter them, as a child she was already very stubborn then, refusing to eat anything without a descent chair and table. Imagine that, well, I guess she always had that attitude in her.

Yup! That’s my Granny, the Matriarch of the family. The two things I admire about her, resilience and sense of independence.—— I would like to believe this is the legacy She has passed on to us…

Fast forward in the late 90’s…early 2000’s.. a great opportunity provided by my kind Father to test and harness my skills, despite the fact, that I never had any experience running a business before. My Father just came from Manila and decided to put up his own water refilling business, after studying Water Technology Systems for some time. I was in College taking up Medical Technology, when He encouraged me to manage the water refilling business in Talisay City. Knowing I already had a background in microbiology, He insisted that I should pursue managing it.

The following year, I met my future Husband who happened to live in the same vicinity. The first time we have seen each other again, since preparatory school.

My father then decided that we should manage the business together…and so we did. Armed with my Granny’s golden words and principles and God’s guidance, I was able to sustain it until I decided to study Nursing…


The wisdom I learned from my Granny :

The importance of being “the partner” to your spouse besides being just a wife. You are the authority of yourself, loving your husband means standing beside him not behiwowowond him nor ahead of him. A woman does not loose herself into the marriage, always nodding yes to her husband, having no personal discretion of what is right and wrong, blindly taking sides without knowing the TRUTH—–a” puppet”.

Instead, she must re-define herself and become a better version of who she was, as this what boosts your Husband’s morale. This should serve as your assurance as well that you have ended up with a strong man. This is because only “brave men” pursue strong women. —–



Most of all, a strong and intelligent woman is born more than capable 

wo1of pulling herself up by her own bootstraps!… as She is already in a position where social climbing is of no relevance, what so ever… The same philosophy I embrace, as a woman. This is something that has left a permanent mark on my character, A personal characteristic only known to those who know me very well and not just mere acquaintances… CURIOSER …and CURIOSER: U only know my name.

Otherwise, you are nothing but just a “show off”, because the strength of your character reflects the quality of the people you keep and not the quantity. Finally, A strong woman knows and accepts her insecurities and wastes no time in cultivating them. Instead, She focuses her energy on her strengths and capabilities and She competes with no one. She can cut you with her blunt words and does not hesitate calling out anyone crossing her boundaries. 

Salute to all UNAPOLOGETICALLY strong women!

9 Ways You Can Tell Who is Alpha


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