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“Im sorry, my bad. Did I step on your pretty toes? I never thought my story would affect your fragile ego. BTW, not everything is about you, dear. IT’S THAT THING CALLED, TRUTH THAT’S KILLING YOU. NOT ME  NOR MY STORY”. CAPEESH?
Mae Jacolo Aguilar"apple"
Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple”, B.S. Nursing from West Negros University (2010)




Why do I love upsetting TOXIC PEOPLE? For one thing, it is part of my job. To piss them off and elicit toxic reaction which is normally in the form of active or passive aggression. ahh… that familiar scent of negative vibes whenever these TOXIC ones come into view and mind you, they are everywhere. It almost makes you sick to your stomach and you just wanna puke…

1_LJgDKp2wVnnlFwyIDRLyLQRelax.. breathe in and spew the toxins back to the RIGHTFUL SOURCE. IT HAS WORKED FOR 8 YEARS AND STILL IS THE SAME TECHNIC WE USE TODAY, IN OUR PSYCHOLOGY EXPERIMENTS. This time with the amazing help of social media, my job as a researcher has become smoother than ever… and Im loving it!(

The response we receive from our subjects is just what we need to confirm how toxic people of today are able to use technology as their breeding tool and sanctuary. All they need to do is create fake identities and manage decoy websites and their free to unleash their alter ego. This is freedom to many mentally ill people who live a double life. Online they can be that someone they’ve always wanted to become ( ex. a biker, health guru, blogger, mental health survivor etc..etc.)—–classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.(

Our latest social experiment subject is “K”, the HISTRIONIC flying monkey and another amomentally disordered person—- the NARCISSISTIC mastermind.(

Together, they are exploring  modern options of indulging in such non-sense

fm2psychotic cravings—CYBERSTALKING. (

They call themselves KRIS, BIS, KIS, APPLEPIE, DIMPLESSH_T,and PARK who?, among others. CYBERSTALKERS usually have thousands of followers in a short span of time—- Internet Bots/paid softwares.  

I’d say, its a normal impulse to protect yourself from any toxic attack, after all, it is your personal boundary that’s being violated here. Toxic people do not respect personal space especially if they see you as a threat to their existence—- exposure of their true nature. I know this for a fact, because as a researcher, my job is to expose the truth about the TOXIC SUBJECTS in our experiments. This makes me their no.1 ENEMY.

We know that they are chameleons, PATHOLOGICAL LYING, is just a casual behavior. scoldOne reason they do not have remorse at all, they believe that every lie serves a good purpose, at least to them.—– self -serving attitude. Most of the time, we deal with the most unpredictable situations and we need to break stiff rules. When it comes to dealing with people of abnormal thinking, I choose to” fight fire with fire”. In simple terms, giving these TOXIC PEOPLE  a dose of their own TOXICITY. A TOXIC PERSON is a 9 year-old trapped in an adult’s body. You know how it is with children, you need to call them out each time they misbehave. This is the same principle we use as a research group. Responding via intelligent reaction. This is emotional response coupled with logic. We are human beings and it is impossible to respond with out emotions involved. We need to take advantage of the fact that we are not one of them. Having courage to face them, head on, is something that only the strongest people would endure—- Empaths.

Protecting yourself means, knowing their true nature and exercising precision on your end. Empaths are such positive and pleasant people, it is just a matter of awareness and restriction. Always listen to your intuition and never be overwhelmed with other people’s energy. The thing with people having personality disorders is that, they are master deceivers and this is what makes them TOXIC.

Here are some common MAJOR distraction tactics:


They might use themselves as a BAIT, WHILE DOING SOMETHING NASTY ON THE SIDE, so no one would suspect that they are orchestrating a TOXIC MASTERPIECE to harm others. They would divert your attention to something used as a DECOY, and pretend their innocent of their crime.(ex. creating a virtual identity online to do the bidding and all the dirty works for them while maintaining a clean image). Making them look like their taking the HIGH ROAD—- not the actual case though.(

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It is not uncommon for TOXIC PEOPLE to involve a third party as a “front act”. Just know that not all people approaching you with the nicest smile is genuinely friendly. For all we know it could be just one of those stupid flying monkeys, deployed by toxic people to entice you. TOXIC PEOPLE, have bloated egos they refrain from having direct connection with the target—empath. There is almost this unpleasant taste in their tonque if you will, upon recognizing an EMPATH. They are like vampires exposed to sunlight. This is why they are aggressive towards EMPATHS, they see them as “PAIN IN THE ASS” and they deserve punishment.




Most, if not all, are fast talkers. Speaking in a phase faster than normal may actually overwhelm many people. As a result, these TOXIC people would almost mumble, hence the term, “WORD SALAD”. It is the simplest way of disarming someone via confusion.

So don’t be deceived. Stay away from LOUD and MOUTHY PEOPLE.

TIP: MANY OF THEM DISGUISE AS WELL MANNERED AND RESERVED at first glance—-a FACADE. IT WONT BE LONG UNTIL THEY SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS.. They have the ability to make a good first impression.




Human beings are such attention whores, many people seek validation from others. Toxic people are excellent sniff dogs and they are capable of sensing your weakness.

Stop caring about how many followers you’ll get! Your crowd will always resonate with you. At least your sure that these are actually the people worth your time. PEOPLE PLEASERS attract the most TOXIC CROWD.

It all starts with you, knowing your value and not letting others define who you really are. Remember you are the only one who knows who you truly are.




The NYU Medical Center defines a passive-aggressive individual as someone who “may appear to comply or act appropriately, but actually behaves negatively and passively resists.”

We all encounter them on a daily basis and it is very unhealthy to actually deal with them. Be on the lookout for these individuals, before you’re blindsided!

Common examples of passive-aggressive behavior include:

Disguised Verbal Hostility

-A perfect example is a toxic writer who constantly criticizes other people’s personal opinions and standpoint with out any compelling reason what so ever. They enjoy the freedom behind the hidden identity. ( Armed with pen and paper they indulge in verbally assaulting others who are just simply doing their own thing and just enjoying life. We wont call them toxic for nothing. The thing with these Toxic ones is that they cannot control their disordered psyche. They must satisfy their urge to harm someone, who just happens to be in the way of their dealings. The target can be anyone who has genuine empathy and sense of truth. Mentally sick individuals have a stiff sense of perception, which makes it difficult for them to actually relate to others, genuinely that is. Instead of absorbing —- empathetic, they mirror— aesthetic, more like pathetic… to me. A stiff mindset would mean its either their way or the highway. If you dont’ go by their unreasonable standards, you are considered their enemy and that makes you a “target”. Congratulations!

As their chosen target, you are now privileged to receive unsolicited advice or criticism with a bonus of constant mockings and insults. Plus, Negative gossip  and Sarcasm, Veiled hostile joking, Repetitive teasing,  Negative orientation, Habitual criticism of ideas, solutions, conditions, and expectations.—-In short, they will hate you for just simply not having the same perception, lifestyle, philosophy etc., it offends their fragile ego. How dare you  swim against the current! This makes them feel small because they know that they don’t have your courage!

NOTE: Sarcasm is an “ART” if used properly, but in the hands of TOXIC people, it becomes an ‘EXPLOIT”.


 Non toxic individuals on the other hand, only react in defense of themselves but TOXIC PEOPLE with mental problems, are always  on the offensive side. Meaning, they offend others because they have inflated egos that feed their sick minds with exaggerated thoughts. This causes them to become hypersensitive to almost everything and everyone. ( Again, it all boils down to one thing that is the source of your emotional reaction. Normal people, react to anything or anyone causing impartiality or injustice—– which is fairly non selfish. TOXIC people on the other hand, are the ones impartial, self-centered and unreasonable to begin with.They always dwell on the negative side of everything and conflict starts with them, because they are egocentric.  and paranoid. Reacting with exaggeration towards everything, they create storms and get mad when it rains. They would then expect you to fix it for them and force you to admit their own crime—BLAME SHIFTING.


Disguised Relational Hostility


 The silent treatment. The invisible treatment. Social exclusion. Neglect. Backstabbing. Two faced. Mixed messages. Deliberate button pushing. Negative or discomforting surprises. Overspending. Sullen resentment. Indirectly hurting something or someone of importance to the targeted person.

– A narcissist would always pretend they don’t recognize a person. It is the attempt to alienate or put someone in an awkward situation. Anything at all that they think would cause discomfort and harm the target is always an option. Or a histrionic deliberately doing something to irritate a target usually by getting their attention.


Disguised Task Hostility

8242d-1wv23tlsozftbapztrvxz6q Procrastination. Stalling. Forgetting. Stonewalling. Withholding resources or information. Professional exclusion. Denying personal responsibility. Excuse making. Blaming. Broken agreements. Lack of follow through. Resistance. Stubbornness. Rigidity. Avoidance. Inefficiency, complication, in completion or ruination of task.


Hostility Towards Others Through SelfPunishment (“I’ll show YOU”)

images (90)

Quitting. Deliberate failure. Exaggerated or imagined health issues. Victimhood. Dependency. AddictionSelf-harm. Deliberate weakness to elicit sympathy and favor.

-Toxic people sabotage themselves with out considering the long term consequence.

ex. overt narcissists usually are capable of  going on AWOL. Walking away like DRAMA QUEENS, is their kind of thing. Histrionics, are more into victim playing thus making them “HYPOCHONDRIACS”. What ever the case maybe, toxic people are always fueled by exaggeration.

To a TOXIC PERSON, a smart Empath is the worst nemesis. Empaths are beautiful people in and out. They are blessed with high Emotional Quotient level, which makes them the only group of people worthy to be recognized as INTELLIGENT. Logic is good, but with out empathy, its worthless. To put it bluntly, you are less human and more of a robot, this is what makes you TOXIC. Dare to Take the Quiz


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