GHOSTINGS, GHOULS AND THE RED FRUIT? — — HERE SCAREDEY KITTY… — i call u K for kowardly; a histrionic life…

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Mae Jacolo Aguilar"apple"
Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple”, B.S. Nursing from West Negros University (2010)

Are narcs ever paranoid about all the bad things they have done?

“The narcissist lives in an unfriendly and dangerous inner world.. Inside, he is paranoid, tormented by anticipated attacks of perceived enemies.” — — people who figured him out (From:Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life). The paranoia is a way of blaming someone else. When actually deep down, they know the real issue is themselves. And that’s why they are paranoid.

Research indicates that many of us, perhaps 15 to 30 percent, will regularly experience suspicious thoughts. For example, about 42 percent of college students reported that at least once a week others were spreading negative comments about them. The overall emotional state of a person who is paranoid is a negative one (depressed mood, anxiety, and lowered self-esteem).

Paranoia is disorder of mind, not a flaw of character. Paranoid individuals tend to have false ideas about the world and people. People who feel excessively suspicious without justification, and/or that others are plotting against him. They read far too much into everything people say and are quick to criticize, but they are not open to criticism themselves. The term “mountains out of molehills” aptly describes paranoid individuals. Another phenomenon that happens with narcissists is that they sometimes imagine insults where there are none. These people are so insecure and paranoid that their minds will actually create insults — imagining things — delusional. These types of narcissists are very passive aggressive in every way possible but mostly when it comes to ripping their targets apart. They might make a nasty remark after every move you make but because they don’t say your name, they make it hard for you to say anything about it without looking paranoid. In a sense, narcissists can and will engage in activities that would soothe and relieve them of their anxiety over someone. Mostly destructive devices against that one person causing their paranoia. These schemes should not be overlooked, since narcissists are considered mentally ill. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is one of 10 personality disorders recognized as forms of mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association.

Allow me to share to you these actual narcissistic schemes deviced by a narcissist. A perfect practical example is the narcissist with his histrionic accomplice, in our most resent psychology experiment via Social Media — -this narc has been using websites to establish multiple identities, one being, is the original account bearing their real name and credentials and the other serves as a front line decoy, where HE dumps all his emotional garbage disguising as a CAUCASIAN WOMAN — -mostly hate towards himself that is projected to other people who figured him out already. — — Articles with hate content pertaining to another person’s writings, mainly his target. Narcissists like this will willingly destroy other people if needed, to protect their own fragile narcissistic ego. — -What made this narc furious is the fact that he cannot truly move on from being once subjected to a psychology experiment and a published story detailing the whole experiment exposing his ill mental state — — deeply bruised ego ( makes it more obvious is that once checked by the website, the original account does have any activity at all — -static. While the decoy account is too busy attracting attention from fellow narcissists as followers. Based on the writings, this decoy account was created for the sole purpose of cyber stalking for retaliation passive-aggressive style — -according to the authorities who investigates the stalking party.(Reflection — UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME — Quora — Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple” — Medium)

This particular narcissist have been stalking a target person since day 1 — -the time he decided to join medium — online publishing website . His on line activity together with an accomplice showed patterns of cyberstalking — DECEMBER 2017 was his accomplice’s last entry for WordPress(their wordpress account has been on hiatus since then and no entries published up until now, what are the odds?) and by JANUARY 2018 He has moved to medium shortly after his target joined in January 2018. This Narc has been watching behind shadows and waiting for the right opportunity to show off his narcissistic schemes — -this time disguised as a writer, has been imagining of having romantic attachment with another person — — Erotomania. This is a rare disorder in which an individual has a delusional belief that a person of higher social status falls in love and makes amorous advances towards him/her.Erotomania can be a symptom of schizophrenia or other psychiatric disordersthat are characterized by delusional symptoms. — The narc subject accuses the same person of ghosting him — -paranoia, and has been publishing articles directed only to that specific individual,. — -themes of moving on from someone etc.,etc.., this is a bait used to elicit reaction from the person they are obsessed with. They do this to satisfy their ego.

And the paranoia, is evident..

Grandiosity Enhancing Paranoia

Being the target of relentless, ubiquitous, and unjust persecution proves to the paranoid narcissist how important and feared he is. Being hounded by the mighty and the privileged validates his pivotal role in the scheme of things. Only vital, weighty, crucial, essential principals are thus bullied and intimidated, followed and harassed, stalked and intruded upon — goes his unconscious inner dialog. The narcissist consistently baits authority figures into punishing him and thus into upholding his delusional self-image as worthy of their attention. This provocative behaviour is called Projective Identification.

The paranoid delusions of the narcissist are always grandiose, “cosmic”, or “historical”. His pursuers are influential and formidable. They are after his unique possessions, out to exploit his expertise and special traits, or to force him to abstain and refrain from certain actions. The narcissist feels that he is at the centre of intrigues and conspiracies of colossal magnitudes.

Alternatively, the narcissist feels victimized by mediocre bureaucrats and intellectual dwarves who consistently fail to appreciate his outstanding — really, unparalleled — talents, skills, and accomplishments. Being haunted by his challenged inferiors substantiates the narcissist’s comparative superiority. Driven by pathological envy, these pygmies collude to defraud him, badger him, deny him his due, denigrate, isolate, and ignore him.

The narcissist projects onto this second class of lesser persecutors his own deleterious emotions and transformed aggression: hatred, rage, and seething jealousy.

The narcissist’s paranoid streak is likeliest to erupt when he lacks Narcissistic Supply. The regulation of his labile sense of self-worth is dependent upon external stimuli — adoration, adulation, affirmation, applause, notoriety, fame, infamy, and, in general, attention of any kind.

When such attention is deficient, the narcissist compensates by confabulating. He constructs ungrounded narratives in which he is the protagonist and uses them to force his human environment into complicity.

Put simply, he provokes people to pay attention to him by misbehaving or behaving oddly.(ex. a bogus writer gone rogue)


The Roots of ParanoiaErotomania revisited: clinical course and treatment;Narcissist’s Paranoid Core ; Narcissists, often have a persecution/paranoia complex, along with entitlement…; Psych2Go › Homepage 5 › PsychList

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