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… who appears to be Lee Harvey Oswald standing in the first floor doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository at the very moment Kennedy was shot.
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CIA and FBI lobbying “Oswald acted ALONE”. (?)

In the 1964 Warren Report on Kennedy’s assassination, Hoover was firm in stating that he hadn’t seen “any scintilla of evidence” suggesting a conspiracy — a sentiment he expressed in other public forums, as well, but not in words as blunt as those he used the day Oswald was killed.

J. Edgar Hoover, then the director of the FBI, in 1971. AP File

Referring to Nicholas Katzenbach, the deputy attorney general at the time, Hoover dictated: “The thing I am concerned about, and so is Mr. Katzenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.”

It’s not clear from the memo whether Hoover thought there might have been a conspiracy but didn’t want it to be known or whether he sincerely believed Oswald acted alone and hoped to head off public fear and confusion.

Allen Dulles, Director of Central Intelligence

Conspiracy believers have ascribed various motives to CIA involvement in the assassination of Kennedy, included his refusal to provide air support to the Bay of Pigs invasion, his plan to cut the agency’s budget by 20 percent, and the belief that he was weak on Communism. Jim Garrison said anti-Communist and anti-Castro extremists in the CIA plotted the assassination of Kennedy to maintain tension with the Soviet Union and Cuba, and to prevent a United States withdrawal from Vietnam. James Douglass wrote in JFK and the Unspeakable that the CIA, acting upon the orders of conspirators with the “military industrial complex”, killed Kennedy and in the process set up Lee Harvey Oswald as a patsy. Like Garrison, Douglass stated that Kennedy was killed because he was turning away from the Cold War and pursuing paths of nuclear disarmamentrapprochement with Fidel Castro, and withdrawal from the war in VietnamMark Lane — author of Rush to Judgmentand Plausible Denial and the attorney who defended Liberty Lobby against a defamation suit brought by former CIA agent E. Howard Hunt — has been described as a leading proponent of the theory that the CIA was responsible for the assassination of Kennedy. Others who believe the CIA was involved include authors Anthony Summers and John M. Newman.

In 1977, the FBI released 40,000 files pertaining to the assassination of Kennedy, including an April 3, 1967 memorandum from Deputy Director Cartha DeLoach to Associate Director Clyde Tolson that was written less than a month after President Johnson learned from J. Edgar Hoover about CIA plots to kill Fidel Castro.According to DeLoach, LBJ aide Marvin Watson“stated that the President had told him, in an off moment, that he was now convinced there was a plot in connection with the assassination [of President Kennedy]. Watson stated the President felt that [the] CIA had had something to do with this plot.” Questioned during the Church Committeehearings by Senator Richard Schweiker, in 1975, DeLoach told Schweiker that he “felt [that Watson’s statement was] sheer speculation.”

E. Howard Hunt

Several conspiracy theorists have named former CIA agent and Watergatefigure E. Howard Hunt as a possible participant in the Kennedy assassination, and some have alleged that Hunt is one of the three tramps. Hunt has taken various magazines to court over accusations with regard to the assassination. In August 2003 he told his confession and description of the crime and conspiracy to his son on a deathbed but he was able to get better and went on to live for four more years.

Shortly before his death in 2007, Hunt authored an autobiography which implicated Lyndon B. Johnson in the assassination, suggesting that Johnson had orchestrated the killing with the help of CIA agents who had been angered by Kennedy’s actions as President.

David Sánchez Morales

Morales, CIA operative is alleged to have expressed deep anger toward the Kennedys for what he saw as their betrayal during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Morales’ friend, Ruben Carbajal, claimed that in 1973 Morales opened up about his involvement with the Bay of Pigs Invasion operation, and stated that “Kennedy had been responsible for him having to watch all the men he recruited and trained get wiped out.” Carbajal claimed that Morales said, “Well, we took care of that SOB, didn’t we?”

Frank Sturgis

James Buchanan, a former reporter for the Pompano Beach Sun-Sentinel, claimed that Frank Sturgis had met Lee Harvey Oswald in Miami, Floridashortly before Kennedy’s assassination. Buchanan claimed that Oswald had tried to infiltrate the International Anti-Communist Brigade. When he was questioned by the FBI about this story, Sturgis claimed that Buchanan had misquoted him regarding his comments about Oswald.

The CIA Kennedy assassination theory is a prominent John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory.


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