MONEY OR SPOTLIGHT?: blogging for dummies

Mae Jacolo Aguilar"apple"
Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple”, B.S. Nursing from West Negros University (2010)
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What are the things should we keep in mind while writing a blog?


If you’re blogging because you love to write or want to write about multiple topics, or comfortable writing in scholarly style and any consideration of earning money from the blog is secondary to that, then by all means, write about anything and everything you wish. A scholarly publication is one in which the content is written by experts in a particular field of study — generally for the purpose of sharing original research or analyzing others’ findings. … written by experts for experts. based on original research or intellectual inquiry.

If you want profit or popularity out of writing, a MULTI-TOPIC BLOG in Scholarly / semi scholarly form is not for you.

Here’s why:

  • A MULTI-TOPIC BLOG is not designed for profiteering but rather for disseminating awareness, same thru with scholarly writing which is for sharing ideas and results of Scientific studies.
  • The most successful content for earning money and the spotlight is the kind that meets a specific need/specific readership for your blog. This is why such writers go for a single niche blog/ a more limited kind.

specific readership=blog traffic = Money ( How to Write a Simple Blog Business Plan in Nine ;Easy Stepstargeted traffic matters)

Again, if you are planning to create a personal blog in which you write about many different topics, then this is fine, as money is not the primary reason you are blogging…

…What is not acceptable is when you decide to impose your personal blogging style on others, which obviously unprofessional and unethical.(<;

It’s all about personal choice and going for what ever works for/on you, others can only do so much in minimizing that freedom.


Scholarly vs. Popular Sources;Single Topic vs. Multi-Topic Blog: Which is Better and Why?

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