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Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple”, B.S. Nursing from West Negros University (2010)
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What is a copycat syndrome?


What is Mimicry?

Mimicry is the process of imitating another person.
Mimicry plays a major role in developing social skills, and social animals — including some non-human animals — have been shown to engage in mimicry. Mimicry can facilitate social interactions and feelings of warmth and friendliness. It also plays a role in fostering belonging and community, because people who act similarly tend to have fewer difficulties getting along. Mimicry occurs on a continuum, and can involve imitating very simple behaviors — such as rapidly blinking — or very complex ones, such as kicking a ball while adopting a certain posture or facial expression.

What is Mirroring?

Mirroring is the behaviour in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. Mirroring often occurs in social situations, particularly in the company of close friends or family. The activation of mirror neurons takes place within the individual who begins to mirror another’s movements, and allows them a greater connection and understanding with the individual who they are mirroring, as well as allowing the individual who is being mirrored to feel a stronger connection with the other individual. Mirroring is distinct from conscious imitationunder the premise that while the latter is a conscious, typically overt effort to copy another person, mirroring is subconsciously done during the act and often goes unnoticed.

Mimicry and Mirroring Can Be Good… or Bad

Unhealthy Mirroring occurs when people with Personality Disorders have a vacant or distorted self-image, which can manifest itself as an imitation of another person’s speech, mannerisms, behaviors, dress style, purchase preferences or daily habits. — -conscious imitation

People who are unfamiliar with Personality Disorders may struggle to understand any complaints about mimicry. However, discussing about TOXIC PEOPLE (HISTRIONICS, NARCISSISTS and other cluster b personalities) is quite detrimental for people who exercise self love and protect their personal boundaries. The only ones willing to tolerate this abnormal behavior of mimicry is no less than another TOXIC entity. They are not confidants, as their usual response would be: “ I THINK YOU ARE JUST BEING OVERLY SENSITIVE” or “ OH, YOU ARE JUST A PARANOID, NO CARES ABOUT YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU DO”. — -just another member of the TOXIC GROVE trying to confuse, discredit and mislead you. TOXIC PEOPLE STAND BY EACH OTHER AND SPEAK THE SAME TOXIC LANGUAGE,THAT’S ALL.

Well, know this, YOU ARE NOT PARANOID , YOU ARE JUST REACTING TO YOUR OWN SENSES TRYING TO WARN YOU OF SOMETHING UNNATURAL THAT DISRESPECTS YOUR BOUNDARY. You have the gift of intuition, so use it and do not fall for the trap of being misled by anyone. You know exactly what you are sensing, YOU MUST listen to yourself instead. It can become quite unsettling to realize someone is paying so much attention to you and it is “cringy” to begin with. Although to some they might give a little consideration and benefit of the doubt, after all, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

Yeah, flatter my big fat shiny _ss. I ain’t buying it… COPYCAT STALKERS ARE “ INSIDIOUS”.


an obnoxious individual who, sickly, gets off on copying, imitating, emulating, simulating or miming the words, gestures and expressions of anotherindividual. The copycat becomes easily amused and the other individual feels like sticking their foot in said copycats ass. Typical of 6 year olds but not uncommon in 24 or 30 year old professionals and parents. Some-one who copies you in everything you do like copies your dress sense(fashion) your sense of humour(Steals your jokes) Steals your pick up lines and then they act like they didn’t copy you or steal your style and personality, but to you and others it is so obvious. Then decides to accuse you instead of copying them by posting this on Pinterest:

The only reason they do it is because you look good and they want to look good like you. They want to look less ugly so they copy your style. This is someone who has few ideas of their own and does or says exactly the same as someone else.

This is how a REAL LIFE copy cat person behaves:

  • fraudster / TROLL

They steal your personal posts on Social Media( images, message boards,FB PAGE NAME USED AS A BLOG TITLE)Copycats find time phishing other peoples’ original concept or ideas. This was the message board posted on Pinterest by a copycat after the target person published articles about Titanic and Romeo and Juliet:

Mostly capable of responding indirectly thru Social Media. — -(signing up under their true names as an idle account as well as creating fake decoys on publishing websites)


Asfraudsters copycats seek satisfaction of impersonating the target and the closest link, the target’s actual product of thinking — — stolen original concept or ideas. Almost an act of claiming their target’s identity..almost.

As TROLLsthey turn inwards during emotional crisis and their best friend is their alter ego. Intentionally giving life to the simulated self fueling them the excitement they need to carry on their copycat mission. which includes bashing and tearing down their targets. This is useful to cover up their tracks and find some leverage.


They take advantage by riding on to anything you have popularized such as Psychology facts and Historical events garnering likes — — posting the same topic on their Social Media accounts.


  • The target person tweeted about serial killers


tweeted 6 entries of the same topic

  • The target person shares experience about on line scam and tweets a warning to scammers.


posts the day after on twitter “how to give scammers heart attack.”

  • The target person posted on FB about a cat pet that has just died


the same copycat(scammers) posted as well on FB about a pet dog that died years ago

*note:” copycat stalkers are creepy”, said the authorities who investigated and traced this stalker.


sluggish, lacks original creativity and nothing is going on inside a copycat’s head — -empty shell


They openly show their obsession as a form of TEASING, if you will to attract attention ( using their target’s actual name as virtual identification in some fantasy indulging activities such as the popular SIMS world — — delusional behavior)

Show deep obsession towards the person they mimic manifested by either positive or negative attitude.(wear stuff associated with the person they are obsessed with…QUITE AN ENTERTAINMENT.)


.. assume the same hobbies such as Creative writing, Photography, publish articles inspired by their aggression towards the target mostly contradicting the target’s personal beliefs etc.)



a person who behaves in an extravagant way in order to attract attention.”I am something of an exhibitionist”synonyms: posturer, poser, self-publicist; extrovert; informal show-off, showboatI’m not enough of an exhibitionist to dress up”.

personality disorder is a type of mental disorder in which you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning and behaving. A person with a personality disorder has trouble perceiving and relating to situations and people.

Copycats are not normal, they have personality disorders to begin with. The disorder takes it’s toll on these people as manifested by over indulging in fantacy based hobbies and attention seeking behavior.


Publicizing every sudden change of lifestyle, career, interests..

..patterned from the target’s (ex. “Im quiting day job”, “the truth is, I’m into psychology”, “I do transcribe as well”, “I’m a photographer”, “BONJOUR! I can introduce myself better than that”, “I also ventured into Creative writing”, etc.)


Competing with others is unhealthy as this signals poor self esteem and the need of others’ validation(applause). Copycats are insecure individuals who mostly suffered ridicule from their own family as a child. These are people belonging to Narcissistic families that turned out to be the one carrying the same defective genes responsible for hereditary personality disorder. — -weak child/non empath


Legitimizing their obsession by:

  1. publicly claiming a natural interest in just about everything their target is involved with (ex. CREATIVE WRITING, freelancing, Psychology, FEMINISM, Arts etc.)A person who seemed to live in a fantasy world where everything said felt false or exaggerated, incredibly skilled at lying.
  2. FALSELY ACCUSING THE PERSON THEY ACTUALLY TARGET — VICTIM PLAYThey can keep up with their twisted stories and do it so smoothly that it will be impossible to notice.

The target person has already established him/herself long before the copycat decided to enter the scene (joining the same websites Months after THE target of their obsession did)

copycat says:

“ You moved here?”



Compulsive lying, also called pathological lying, describes uncontrollable, often internally motivated lies that may be believed by the person telling them.Pathological liars are addicted to lying, and this type of regular deception is often associated with another mental illness.

The very fact that a lie could be found out does not affect the pathological liar. They have an inability to consider the consequences or even fear being found out. It’s as if the pathological liar believes they are smarter than everyone and will never be found out. The very fact that the pathological liars’ work-life, home-life, or reputation could be in jeopardy as a result of the lies, does not phase them. Guilt, shame, or regret does not affect the liar. Consequences also do not seem to affect the liar.


Finding ways to justify their limitations of totally mimicking the person. Usually done by devaluation and discrediting their targets’ achievements, talents, economic/career status, physicality and expertise. In malignant cases, some would go to the extent of publishing trashy articles and vent their frustrations about their limited

ability to completely mimic the person — -projecting thru BAD WRITING


a person or country that attacks another first.


attacker, assaulter, assailant, attack dog


  • They cannot grow a lush beautiful hair like their target.

…The copycat will then proceed bashing the target about her beautiful mane by turning a personal idea into a universal fact

copy cat says:

I got ugly hair and I cant grow it long so long lush hair is for ugly girls and men hate them”.

  • The target is a ”cat person” and the copy cat is not.

copy cat says:

 I hate cats! They are the clumsiest. But I love dogs, roaches and dragons”…

  • The target is an achiever and content person, Copy cat is discontented of the lifestyle, expertise and career status she/he has.

copy cat says:

“ Your happy relationship irritates me stop imitating other couples”.

“ You are better off that way visit a grandparent and writing tributes obviously ensuring some inheritance”. ALPHA: SELF-MADE WOMEN — — — Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple” — Medium

*note: Inheritance is out of the question, the grandparent died 10 years ago.

“ Your College degree and Job achievements on FB are just ornamental. You are “aesthetic and shallow”.

“ I’m sure your closet in reality does not resemble any of the ones you post on Twitter/IG/Pinterest and elsewhere”.

Your articles about stable longtime relationships and goals are non feasible, remember the Nursing method SMART”.

I have no knowledge about separation of Church and State and I am not a Therapist”.

 The foods and restos you post on SM are too fancy, show off”.

  • The target have natural beautiful smiles on and offline requiring no make-up or filters on both static images and videos

copycat on the other hand, has cringy gummy smiles and needs make-up and proper angle to somehow improve his/her selfies

copy cat says:

 I’m into photography(?), there’s a thing called light distribution and it is pretty obvious that you have been filtering your static smiles”.


copy cats project their personal frustrations onto their targets in the form of aggression. Aggression indicates unhappiness and discontentment in life.

“There’s no happier person than a truly thankful, content person.” — Joyce Meyer


  • TOXIC PERSONALITIES(cluster b people:histrionics, narcs , borderline & anti-social)

People with narcissistic personality traits and a fragile self-image are the type most likely to develop copycat fixations on a person they envy. …The more extreme their personality type, the more likely they are to develop either a paranoid and delusional fixation on you (leaving the impression they have a Vendetta agenda) or they are likely to do everything in their human power to out-do or to essentially out BE you.

People who copycat and try and “replace” another person in the mid of others are like the drag queens who impersonate someone they admire — except in the case of someone having an Erotomania fixation on a target they loathe, every time the engage in something like copycat posting, smear campaigning, attempting to break their victim’s healthy demand for No Contact, or doing anything baiting or provoking in order to gain the attention of their obsession, they reveal everything about their own nature and nothing about the person they’ve targeted.

  • Mirror Personality

Someone must intensely study an individual to be capable of mirroring their behavior to be successful in that quest. People with a mirror personality disorder are not hospitalized for mental or other health issues because it is not a primary condition, however in time wellness is affected. Just trying to be what a person is not takes a toll with stress and anxiety alone. Similar to living two lives the mirror personality is more dominant in one set of behavior than the other, however does maintain two. The root of the need to mirror another personality is mostly due to insecurity, lack of self esteem, loss of ability to lead, fear of rejection, out of proportion admiration for another person, childhood rearing and other psychological affects. Fatigue is often a health risk for the mirror personality individual since much energy and effort has to be spent to copy characteristics of another. Depression is a marked health affect when the mirror personality is completely executed.

sounds familiar?

  • NEWBIE/NEOFITE with psychiatric issues

Aside from potentially suffering from mental problems, one of the triggers of copycats is AGE ADVANTAGE. A novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in a profession or activity may have strong desires of achieving something for him/herself depending on their personality and attitude. As a beginner, a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief, life stages, pressure builds up with in themselves especially if they do suffer from any Personality disorder. Toxic people are not really good in dealing with social pressure, they tend to become grumpy and envious. To a NOVICE with toxic personality, a person who has already established a niche for him/herself is a threat. Again, the culprit, pathological envy among Toxic people which results to over competition with others, in this case more matured individuals than them. This may arise from the general fact that, if you were here first then you are the first in line and that makes them inferior to you, in a sense.( in all aspects may it be experience , career, knowledge, scholastics wise). Toxic people do not accept that idea/concept because they have “superiority complex” because of their personality disorder. The same reason being which impairs them to recognize the truth of their status in life — -DELUSIONED( They usually believe they are always one step ahead of everybody even if that is not the real scenario)

DELUSION is a manifestation of a mental illness.

  • a false belief or opinion: delusions of grandeur.
  • a false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact: paranoid delusion

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