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What are narcissists most afraid you’ll find out about them as they manipulate you?

Here’s a thought, narcissists and other Toxic personalities are lonely creatures.They are the most broken and bruised people in this planet. This is their true identity, worthless and having low self-esteem. The same secret they keep from others that most of the time is being unintentionally exposed by very intuitive and intelligent people — — Empaths break narcissistic codes

The group of people, NARCS despise the most. With that being said, narcs are shady individuals and they do not fight fair. I am speaking thru experience as a psych researcher and rest assured I know what I am talking about. Ever been to a snakepit? Its like that when you’re dealing with these psychotic narcissists. Their insecurities are felt by your nerves which nauseates many Empaths. Since you are empathic you feel negative vibes penetrating your bones, a sign that a toxic narcissist is just around the corner. They set you for a trap, hoping you’ll step on the bomb then they will watch you blow up into pieces and laugh — — evil

This is because they are aware of their true evil self and they know it is only a matter of time until you discover that they’re FAKE. As a research group, we choose to deal with these Toxic people in an UNCONVENTIONAL nature. We set the trap first, before they even make their first move.(CURIOSER …and CURIOSER: U only know my name. — Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple” — MediumPersonally, I do not agree with others saying that Narcissists are highly intelligent, based on what? IQ? In my opinion what makes us full functioning humans is our EMPATHY which is determined thru your EQ level. A normal human being must have normal IQ AND EQ at the same time. Logic with out Empathy makes you a robot not a human. This is why Narcs have a hard time relating to others and they are just focused on themselves. Seeing others is feeling them and to someone who lacks the tool to do so has really nothing to offer. In truth, as a Nurse, I feel for narcs as well, but we can only do so much to help them. You cannot help people who are not willing to help themselves. This when Health care professionals stop being caregivers and must transition to being advocates for the majority. — -narcs are dangerous (How to spot a “Neurotic”. (narcissists and fake identities) — Mind, Body and Soul… — Quora)

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