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Mae Jacolo Aguilar”apple”, B.S. Nursing from West Negros University (2010)
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What are the things that toxic people do or say?


Here are things that only TOXIC PEOPLE do:

Target, terrorize and bully people

Paranoid and Easily annoyed

Define others by what they hear from butterflies

Accept and spread gossip

Pre- occupied with other people’s flaws

Mostly talk about themselves for the purpose of justifying their own flaws

Turn the tables around

Initially aggressive and stays aggressive

Imposing their beliefs and practices on strangers

Demands attention, compliance and submission

Inconsistent and Lazy

Harrass and defame non conformists

Lacking creativity and copycats

Desire to control and manipulate

Disrespecting other peoples space

“SNIPERS”-passive aggressive/not being upront/they prefer backstabbing

“IMPATIENT”-Short attention span

Pathological envy and lying

Puts on a nicer decorum in person

Obssessive over people they cannot manipulate

Indifferent and dismissive towards anything concerning others

Legitimize their misbehavior

Vindictive and Violent

Arrogant and Entitled

COWARDS-they purposely surround themselves with minions


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