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How can I check and change toxic behaviors in my life?

First of all, Toxic people would never come to a point like this, asking or evaluating themselves really mean being just one of the ordinary crowd. Toxic people have this “grandioso fabuloso” vibe goin on all the time, and they do not need to re-assess anything about themselves at all.

Just sayin..

Let me start with this one silly toxic behavior that people might over look from time to time. It is no other than, JUSTIFICATION.

A Definition of jus·ti·fi·ca·tion:

1. The action of showing something to be right or reasonable.”the justification of revolutionary action”


the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God. In Christian theology, justification is God’s act of removing the guilt and penalty of sin while at the same time making a sinner righteous through Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

Common Toxic justifications :

1. Establishing multiple identities

Today’s generation of toxic persons thrive even better with theaid of technology. They are able to maintain a clean, pious image by simultaneously CREATING FAKE SOCIAL ACCOUNTS (bogus names online) dedicated for counter attacking the people they have violated(SLANDER/SMEAR CAMPAIGNS/FALSE GOSSIPS ETC, ETC..) while keeping their legitimate social accounts bearing their real names with innocent and harmless posts” — — TWO FACED ACTORS

We have all seen this on SOCIAL MEDIA, healthy people exposing TOXIC BULLIES and stuff..

Toxic people are shady and con artists taking extra caution in every move. While healthy people plan ahead of time to get organizedHYPOCRITES on the other hand have only one concern and that is how to always one up another person. Planning a scam ahead of time provides them better control of the situation. This should also provide them ample time to set others up for a trap (victimizing/bullying) and at the same time finding the perfect alibi in case the plan fails.

Healthy people wont bother to justify themselves rather, they are more interested in exposing the truth. A toxic person on the other hand, will do everything to stop the truth from surfacing into the open, which leads me to the next clue..

2. Taking the higher ground

Not all people who appear to be decently fighting in silence are to be trusted. — -facade

VICTIM PLAYINGis obvious when a person is vigorously trying to tell a tale of him/her being swallowed up by a magical dragon with a mermaid tail. Remember that toxic people such as the CLUSTER B personality types(NARCISSISTS/HISTRIONICS/ANTI-SOCIALS) are deceitful, pretentious and exaggerated. — — pathological liars and delusioned.

Most often than not unlike the toxic ones, those who have been truly wrongedby these monsters are the ones who have the courage to come out because normal/healthy peopleare more concerned of doing what is rightover popularity.

Again, planning ahead of time for toxic people means ensuring their great escapein the future — — no sense of accountability

Victim playing creates confusion as to who the real TOXIC PREDATOR isand thus intentionally turning the tables against the real victimThis Toxic behavior of justifying oneself leads to more Toxic forms. — — Projection (Projection? or opinion? — medium)and Blame-Shifting(TURNING THE TABLES: True dat trollsssss…)

According to Andrea Schneider, MSW, LCSW in her blog: “The Verbal Vomit of the Psychological Abuser: Projection and Blame-Shifting”,

Narcissistic abusers are classic examples of individuals who deploy this type of defense mechanism but take it up exponentially several notches. Any human being can fall prey to a defense mechanism in the face of stress.

Healthy people, however, can acknowledge where they need to access integrity and authenticity and explore uncomfortable feelings. Extremely narcissistic individuals are not capable of that level of insight and feel very exposed and vulnerable to shame and judgement, thus refusing to be aware of or show and admit their own imperfections and scary feelings within their inner psyche.

Therefore, projection (or “blame-shifting”) becomes habitual as very common psychological abuse tactic against the psychological abuser’s target (family member, romantic partner, friend, co-worker) (Louis de Canonville, 2015)”.

Definition of Projection or Blame-Shifting: (n.) A term originally coined as a self-defense mechanism by Anna Freud when a person attributes their own unwanted thoughts, feelings, or motives onto another person (A. Freud, 1936)

3. Recruiting followers

Seldom you will find hypocrites/toxic personalities standing all by him/herself.They always make sure to surround themselves with pawns so they could easily maneuver. Its always quantity over quality for these entities as they are constantly responsible for intentionally creating conflicts and they need re-enforcement all the time to back them up. I am sure that through the years we all have known that one person who cant seem to live without sidekicks right beside them who are most willing to bow down and follow their orders. — — slaves to a master

Well, make no mistake of that its for sure a red flag of someone suffering from personality disorder. This is no less than a self entitled bastard who likes to boss around people.

These people with slave mentality on the other hand, are “flying monkeys”, while some may follow blindly because of low intellect, some are willing accomplices because they share a common mental/personality disorder with the perpetrator.


“ Knowledge does not necessarily represent the truth. “

If you are justifying someone or something to promote knowledge then you are merely explaining. “Justification” becomes toxic once the person confuses it for explanation.

Justification then becomes no less than a means of pardoning oneself and finding another person to blame for your own incapacity.

On the other hand, justifying to promote truth is clarification or setting the record straight.

Being asked to justify yourself or anything pertaining to you is rather intrusive and uncomfortable. It is like being put on trial or some sort of interrogation to that effect. This though, depends on the situation , the kind of person you are and your intentions.

Defense mechanism sets in, some may choose to clarify and some may choose to explain.


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