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A nUrSe practicing “LAGOM” & VEGANISM. wRites & ReSearches foR a living sPeciAlizing on HUMAN BEHAVIOR via sOcial psyChologY experiments. ShE jUsT loVeS to oBserve & anNoy tOxic people. eNjOyS reAdinG &SkeTching, ShE livEs to exPress not to iMpress. siNgs & dAnces jazz foR leisure, A baBy boOmer, ouT -of- thE bOx, jAck -of -aLL -trades.messy bun & jammies.jazzy.mental.sarcastic but fun..yep!bla bla bla
“a person hears only what he understands”& THOSE who get annoyed by MOI are toxic, JUST KIDDING! (<:

MY BLOGS ARE ABOUT RANDOM PERSONAL IDEAS, EXPERIENCES, INTERESTS AND PHILOSOPHY… with strong conviction,unapologetic and backed by RESEARCH as needed.

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